Terence Jones

Founder and Executive Director


Terence Jones is the Founder and Executive Director of Total Justice, a nonprofit organization committed to fighting against injustice for those who have been falsely accused, falsely arrested, and wrongfully convicted.

Total Justice also advocates for criminal justice and police reform in order to hold officers accountable for their misconduct.

Over the past ten (10) years, Terence has been volunteering his time “pro bono” by conducting independent investigations around the country on behalf of those who have been the victims of police brutality. In addition to being the Chairman for the Wrongful Conviction Project for Total Justice, he is currently an Advisory Board Member for the Human Relations Council for the State of New Jersey.

Prior to his current work, Terence served 11 years as a Philadelphia Police Officer. During this time, he earned a transfer to the Anti Crime Team (“ACT”), one of the most elite units within the Police Department. ACT officers were assigned patrols for the entire city with a special focus on felony arrests and violent crimes including murders, robberies, and burglaries. 

Terence was cross-trained with Highway Patrol, Tactical Response Team, and S.W.A.T. He completed S.W.A.T. special weapons and sniper training, Highway Patrol motorcycle training, and worked special details whenever the President of the United States or other important dignitaries visited Philadelphia.  Although his police career was cut short by an injury he received on-duty, Terence made over a thousand arrests and received twenty-six (26) outstanding awards.

Before becoming a Philadelphia Police Officer, Terence Jones came to the aid of an elderly neighbor who was the victim of a brutal assault and robbery. He helped pursue and apprehend the fleeing offender until police arrived. In recognition of his outstanding contribution to law and order, Terence received a Citizen Commendation, Certificate of Appreciation, and the Liberty Bell Award from the Mayor of Philadelphia.

Terence has been featured in the Vice documentary “Driving While Black in New Jersey”, which has accumulated 1.7 million views on YouTube. He is a police practices expert, having testified as an expert witness in countless courtroom proceedings involving police accountability.